Workshop Coastal flood forecasting using Delft-FEWS (Friday 29 November)

Friday, 29 November 2019

Room 3
Centara Grand hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Date 29 November 2019
Time 09:00 - 16:00
Event is closed for registration. Please contact us if you're interested.
Registry fee € Free


Delft-FEWS is Deltares’ data and model integration platform, used in all kind of applications, especially Flood Forecasting Systems. In this workshop we will discuss the basic principles of advanced flood forecasting, and how Delft-FEWS provides the platform for flood forecasting systems. Using some examples, we will discuss some typical applications of Delft-FEWS: from basic flood forecasting, to advanced central forecasting support systems fully integrated in National Meteo Hydro Services. In the second part of the workshop we will teach you some of the basics of configuring a coastal early warning system.

Please bring your (windows 64bit) laptop!

Delft-FEWS was originally intended for hydrologists and used for Flood Early Warning. Currently Delft-FEWS is used in over 40 countries over the whole world and has expanded its areas of applicability towards droughts, hydropower, coastal systems, data conversion, shipping, dredging and long-term scenario studies.


Aim of the workshop

After taking this workshop the participants have a good understanding of the structure of the Delft-FEWS configuration. They are able to configure basic functionality in Delft-FEWS, set up a basic coastal early warning system and know how to expand this system in the future.

In this workshop the participants learn:

  • How to start the Delft-FEWS software
  • How to import meteo-forecasts
  • How to export data from Delft-FEWS to the model
  • How to run the model from Delft-FEWS
  • How to import data from the model back into Delft-FEWS
  • How to visualize gridded and scalar data
  • How to set up basic validation and surge calculations.



There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Of course, a background in or familiarity with any of the following will be beneficial, however, not necessary:

  • XML files and editor
  • CSV files and editor
  • D-Flow FM modelling (Delft3D FM Suite)
  • Hydrology, Hydraulics, meteorology
  • Coastal modelling / Coastal early warning systems.



This one-day workshop will be given twice during the DSD-SEA, on Thursday and on Friday. Please go to the corresponding event page if you wish to attend either the Thursday or Friday session.