Deltares Software Days: from Delft to all over the world

The DSD SE Asia 2018 is an initiative of the Joint Cooperation Program (JCP). In this JCP institutes from both The Netherlands and Indonesia collaborate to enhance capacity building and collaborative development. One of the activities is the joint organisation of this event, to showcase the results of years of collaborative research and to interact with the experts in the region.

Annual international edition: Delft Software Days

The international Delft Software Days yearly welcome 500 – 1.000 participants from 200+ organizations from 50+ nationalities in Delft, The Netherlands. These annual events provide a venue for both users and developers of Deltares software products, tools and data & knowledge management systems. It gives an excellent opportunity to present new scientific insights into modelling, recent advances in data & knowledge management and latest open software developments, related to water, subsurface and infrastructure.

Regional editions: Deltares Software Days

After the success of the Dutch DSD editions, regional editions are being organised to provide an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas for our software communities all over the world. These are organised as 'Deltares Software Days'. E.g. Deltares Software Days North America, Dhaka Delft Software Days (Bangladesh) and Deltares Software Days South-East Asia - Edition 2018 (Indonesia). Next to these general software days, there are also regional editions for specific user communities, such as the Delft-FEWS User Days in Australia and Germany.

Joint Cooperation Program

Since 2011, institutes in the field of water management and meteorology from both countries have been working together under the Joint Cooperation Programme (JCP). The programme strengthens the position of both the Indonesian and the Dutch institutes in the field of water resources management in Indonesia and the South East Asian Region. Deltares and PusAir are the lead partners with responsibility for coordinating the activities and extending knowledge and tools on water resources management. BMKG, Balitbangtan, BPPT, BIG and Lapan, together with their Dutch counterparts KNMI, Wageningen University and Research Centre and ITC University of Twente, provide vital knowledge and experience relating to climate, meteorology and food security.

Open Source Software communities

The community using Deltares open source software ( currently has over 17.000 members worldwide and continues to grow rapidly. The Deltares Software Days events are held in support of the open source communities. It plays a vital role in fostering relationships with universities, research institutes, governmental organizations and companies using the software.

Event partners